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Options for Refurbished C-Arms for Any Medical Facility

Sophisticated medical equipment enhances the services of any hospital or clinic, but it does stretch the budgets of most healthcare facilities. The choice of C-Arms is an important one, as is the option for new or refurbished systems to meet your digital imaging needs.

This type of hospital equipment for sale is crucial, but price is always a concern. If your facility’s budget is stretched thin, we offer refurbished medical equipment at the best possible price, so you can afford to procure a workhorse mobile C-Arm with all the positioning flexibility and OEM specifications necessary to support imaging, radiology, and surgical departments.

The Considerations

Anesthesia Plus sells numerous types of refurbished units from OEC. The Hologic Insight Mini C-Arm is another refurbished system with all the features needed, but we support a full range of other options as well.

There are so many options to choose from. It’s important to know the ones for imaging, positioning, motion, and control, so we can find a machine that accommodates the surgical precision your facility and surgeons need. Most of the styles of C-Arms we stock can be used in any setting, but are engineered and refurbished to support the needs of the largest hospitals.

Speak to our staff, and Anesthesia Plus can review all your requirements and find the appropriate new or refurbished system. We can discuss your budget, as well, considering price requirements along the way so patient care is never compromised.

Select from the OEC-9600 or OEC 9800, or the Refurbished OEC 990 Elite with its dual high-resolution flatscreen monitors, CCD digital camera, and 1k x 1k resolution. Whichever machine you need, we can assist you in looking at the standard features and options for each model, as our team has a great deal of experience working with healthcare providers.

At Anesthesia Plus, we’re aware every hospital and clinic has unique needs. We will make sure all the options, repairs, and upgrades are considered before a refurbished machine arrives in your operating room. High-grade equipment is just the ticket to improving patient experiences and outcomes and the success of your healthcare facility.