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Hospitals and standalone healthcare facilities must stretch their budgets with equipment, maintenance, staffing, and many other essentials. Patient monitors are one area where it’s important not to cut corners. New or refurbished, they’re essential for keeping a watchful eye on patients’ conditions.

For many facilities, there are often many other concerns, including the price of hospital equipment for sale. Anesthesia Plus offers refurbished medical equipment that is repaired, upgraded, and sold at a price you can afford. These OEM-compliant systems allow for up-to-the-second monitoring for the most critical of patients.

Key Considerations

Anesthesia Plus stocks many different GE patient monitors for sale. Our inventory of top brands also includes machines from Datex/Datascope, making available only the most current options that can be fully integrated into any medical environment. Each unit has a clear, detailed readout for a complete biomedical view of a patient’s vital signs.

Flexible configurations, mountings, and features enable any healthcare facility to make the most of new or refurbished patient monitors. We sell various types of monitors and offer all available options so you get the hospital equipment for sale that meets your needs.

Patient monitoring systems come with numerous different options. Knowing what you need is as important as procuring it, so available space, monitoring parameters, or the need for remote access are essential to specify when getting new patient monitors for sale or refurbished medical equipment.

Assessing all your needs can be challenging. Anesthesia Plus can review your requirements and assist in finding the right system. Whether new or refurbished, we can help select just the right monitor that enables doctors to provide optimal patient care at any medical facility.

Every healthcare operation and hospital has its own unique needs. Patient monitoring is crucial for top care, but each facility has a different set of requirements and protocols. Anesthesia Plus can look at these and your budget to find new or refurbished patient monitors for sale that work for you.

For assistance finding the best patient monitors, or to receive a quote, call 800-887-8161. Feel free to browse our online catalog of the most current medical monitoring systems.